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Left 4 Dead 2 Tournament ! Signup and info

L4D2 Tourney Rules.

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Teams of 4 people

If you want to play but don’t have a fixed team, and if there are at least 3 other players who want to play but are without a team, we should be able to arrange ad-hoc teams before the event or even on the day to let you play. If this is the case, the sooner you can inform us the better to cut down on delays.

Tornament Format

It is a Round-Robin format.

Teams are placed in groups ( the numbers of groups are dependent on team entries ) and in your group you will play each team once on the Saturday.

Winners and/or runners up of these groups on the Saturday ( dependant on number of teams entered and therefor groups ) will go through to semi-finals/finals held on the Sunday.

There will be two semi-finals on the Sunday morning, with the play-off for 3rd place followed by the final on Sunday lunchtime.


There will be a players briefing at 10am Saturday morning, and first group matches will start at 10.30am sharp, with an hours break for lunch at 1pm. Play resumes at 2pm. We are aiming to be finished with the group matches by 5pm.

On Sunday the two semi-finals will be starting at 10am sharp, 3rd/4th play-off at 11am and the Grand Final at Midday.

Groups, Maps and limits

Groups, maps to be played & match parameters ( start times of rounds, number of rounds to be played and round time limits ) will be announced on Saturday morning at players briefing.

Group match points scoring will go on match wins first, round wins second, in case of a draw.

This means every single round, no matter how badly you are doing, is vitally important to try to win even if you are being beaten easily in the match itself. If for example you lost say 14-1 in an initial group round-robin match, that single round you won may help to put you through to the next round, if you do very well in your other matches and win them easily. It has happened before.

Other Rules

Each team needs to supply the Tournament Admin a nominated Captain for that team by start Saturday morning. If you do not supply one, the Admins will choose one at random.

This Captain will be responsible for informing his team of any and all information by the Admin, gathering his team together 5 minutes in advance of the announced match start time, and will be the ONLY go-between between their team and the event Admin of the tourney. Any questions, problems or grievances will be dealt with by the Admins and the Team Captain in question, no-one else.

If a team does not have their full number of players ready in time for the match start, a 2 minute leeway will be given to allow them to be found. If after this time period they still don’t have their full team in place, the game will start and they have to play with as many players that are ready to go.

We have numerous tournaments to get through, so we are having to keep to a tight schedule.

If there are any suspicions of cheating in the tourney, an event Admin will be nominated to closely watch the player or players in question. If there is any evidence of cheating and/or at the Admin’s discretion, that team will be excluded from that match, losing all points, and possibly be excluded from the rest of the tournament. No cheating of any kind will be tolerated.

The Admins decisions or undertakings on any required changes on any tournament rule, format, schedule and every and any other matter concerning the tournament, is at our discretion and totally, utterly, final.

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Discord Partners with SkyNet Wales

We are very please to announce that the guys over at Discord have partnered with SkyNet to provide us with a VIP server along with sending us some swag !

We have been using Discord as a way to keep in touch with everyone between the LAN’s and even play some games !

Why not join us on the SkyNet Discord server and get some last minuet games in before the event.

Overclockers Sponsoring Skynet!


We are pleased to announce that Overclockers UK are sponsoring this years SkyNet Wales LAN. OCUK has been supplying performance hardware and gaming PCs to gaming enthusiasts for many years. We could ask for no more fitting sponsor for our LAN than a company that has been supporting gamers since 1999.

Our thanks go out to OCUK for their support and for the items they have sent us as prizes. Visit their website to see the latest computer hardware available today:

SkyNet LAN Feedback!

Thanks to everyone for attending, we would like to thank all the volunteers who gave up their time to make this LAN great for everyone! We are very eager to get your feedback, anything you thought worked very well or not so well. The more we know about how you feel the event went the better we can make it the next time around. The October dates will be sent out to you as soon as they become available.

For now head on over to our forums and tell us what you thought.  Keep in touch with other attendees, arrange practice games to hone your skills to be in with a better chance to make it onto the prize podium at the next LAN. Alternatively head on over to out TS server, details are on the right side of the site.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you all in October!
-The SkyNet Admin Team

Credit for the amazing photos go to Brain! Thanks again for shooting the place up 🙂

Returning Sponsor Steelseries!


We are very pleased to announce that Steelseries have once again decided to sponsor SkyNet’s LAN providing more prizes for our various tournaments and contests. A mystery package should arrive at SkyNet HQ very soon containing precious goodies! More details to follow soon.

SkyNet LAN 2016! 27th – 29th of May


We are happy to announce the next SkyNet LAN will be held on the weekend starting Friday the 27th of May 2016! Building on the huge success of the last event, we are once again aiming high.

As in the last LAN we will be running over three days for what is sure be a memorable time for all. After the controversial quiz last time we will be locking Vitamin in a room untill he has the questions all set.

The tournament schedule will be soon to follow, but expect some more highly anticipated titles than last time. Remember points still mean prizes, and there will be prizes a plenty to be had!

Tickets go on sale from Monday the 22nd of February. We are extremely happy with how the last event went and hope to see you all for yet another bigger better LAN.

Press release: Mad Catz Prizes

Skynet Wales is pleased to announce a total prize-pool value in excess of THREE THOUSAND POUNDS ( rrp) of prizes for our Skynet Wales Winter Lan on 30th, 31st October and 1st November 2015 !!

The first batch of prizes for our upcoming Lan are from Madcatz, and they are :

  • Five Madcatz R.A.T. Tournament Edition mice  !
  • Five Madcatz G.L.I.D.E. Tournament Edition mouse mats  !
  • Two Kunai headsets  !

That is over FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS ( rrp) worth of prizes just from Madcatz alone !!

mouse and mat

These and many, many more prizes from all our sponsors to be announced this week, will be available to win from our CS GO Tournament, our Quake 3 Tournament, our ‘secret’ tournament and our raffle  !!


Make sure you don’t miss out on the Lan of 2015– book your tickets NOW !!