SkyNet Wales are LAN Gaming organisers based in Brecon, we have been organising running and attending LAN gaming events since the early 2000’s. Starting from humble beginnings of six people gaming in a spare room, the group now owns an advanced network infrastructure with a number of dedicated games servers and continues to grow, being able to accommodate 100+ gamers at the top-class venue. We are passionate about computers, technology and gaming. We always do our best to make sure every single person is made to feel welcome and above all has fun! Should you require any help or assistance throughout the event we are all here to help.

Carbon Negative

As of 2019 SkyNet Wales has parented with VCS certified carbon offsetting partner to support reforestation, carbon capture and green energy initiatives. As a result SkyNet is now carbon Negative removing 1 ton of CO2 each year over its emissions.