Members of  the United Operations attended our 2018 LAN and are appearing once again travelling from far and wide to attend this years LAN. With attendees from all over the world making the trip, from places like the United States, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Brazil, France, Brazil, Atlantis and other countries.

It’s set to be a truly amazing multinational gathering of gamers from around the globe, United under a common interest.

Here is a little bit about UO;

“UnitedOperations is a multi-national Tactical Gaming Community for mature players that are seeking realistic scenarios in a multitude of games, in addition to tactical and cooperative gameplay. UnitedOperations was established in August of 2010 for players seeking a free and open community, that did not put forced requirements on it’s playerbase such as virtual ranks, playtime, and or forced monetary requirements to participate.

Our primary titles are ArmA 3, Falcon BMS, DCS:World, and Steel Beasts. We welcome players from across the globe to participate with us in these titles, and any others.”

So if any of that interests you then head on over to their website for more info or grab one of their members at the LAN.



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