Thanks to all that attended last years event!

Well that’s our come-back LAN all done and dusted ! From feedback we have so far, it was a great success overall. We would like to thank everyone who came, you made the late nights and early mornings setting up and packing down worthwhile.

The attendees were right where we needed them to be for the LAN. After 5 pull-outs from an original entrance of 40 players, we had 35 attendees in total on the weekend of all ages, from everywhere from London and Southampton. Was great to see people travel from so far away to attend the LAN. Also good to see some of Skynetwales original 2002 lan players make a return – the LAN felt ‘right’ with them in attendance.
For this LAN we had one main team tournament over the weekend, and this was CS GO. Each team played each other in the preliminary rounds on Saturday, with the 1st & 2nd place finals and 3rd & 4th play offs on the Sunday.


The overall winners ( RawrCS ) won a 128 SSD each, and the 2nd place Club Axian’s won a gamers mouse mat and 64 gig USB key for their 2nd place finish.

We had the final recorded and played on a movie quality projector on the stage backdrop, which was about 20ft by 20ft. Made great viewing for the spectators in the balconies !

Just about everything was played at some point, Skynet servers were there for all CS’s versions, Quake 3 ( still immensely popular ! ), UT’s, Serious Sam’s, Red Alerts, CoH’s, DOTA 2, Left for Dead etc etc etc Something for everyone. And we had a fibre internet ( and a back-up wireless internet – which was handy as the local BT exchange went down on Saturday morning… Thank the stars for leased lines and wi-fi… ) which meant anyone who plays online games like WoW could indulge themselves if they wanted.


We have decided that as it went so well and we all enjoyed it so much, we plan to run another LAM next year.

So once the venues booked we will be announcing the tournament, prizes and asking people to attend if they can. We already have 4 major sponsors in place ( with more to come ) for the next LAN, and the trophy’s and prizes will be back up to the standard of our last series of LAN’s 5+ years ago when we had hundreds of pounds worth of prizes to win, from everything from the team tourneys to the fun tourneys, retro console tourneys, pub quiz and the raffle. Even if you didn’t win a competition, the raffle used to give out some big prizes and lots of smiles ! Chances are, you will come away with something…

We also plan to go back to a three day event, starting friday afternoon and running to Sunday evening, so you get more Lan time for your money.

Skynetwales LAN’s are back !

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