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United Operations at SkyNet

We are very pleased to host members of United Operations gaming community at the Skynet Summer 2018 LAN. We have had attendees from UO for the past few events (including some of our own staff!) however this time they have outdone themselves with members in attendance from The United States, Norway, Denmark, Sweeden, Germany and the UK, we are looking forward to hosting such an international collection of gamers and hope you will join us in making them feel welcome.

Here is a little bit about UO

“UnitedOperations is a multi-national Tactical Gaming Community for mature players that are seeking realistic scenarios in a multitude of games, in addition to tactical and cooperative gameplay. UnitedOperations was established in August of 2010 for players seeking a free and open community, that did not put forced requirements on it’s playerbase such as virtual ranks, playtime, and or forced monetary requirements to participate.

Our primary titles are ArmA 3, Falcon BMS, DCS:World, and Steel Beasts. We welcome players from across the globe to participate with us in these titles, and any others.”

So if any of that interests you then head on over to their website for more info or grab one of their members at the LAN.

Summer 2018 Dates Announced

We are pleased to finally announce the dates for the next SkyNet Wales LAN
The event will be taking place on Friday the 20th of July to Sunday the 22nd.

That time has come around once again, we will be seeing you all in July. As always it has taken longer than we would like to get the arrangements finalised for the next event. Fortunately that is all now done and its plain sailing to the LAN!

As some of you may have already noticed, we have added a set picker to the website so you can now select exactly where you want to sit. This will hopefully free up quite a significant amount of staff time that was spent on organising seating plans in the past. While also allowing you to book your own place with the people you want to be around.

Its pretty a pretty simple system but it should do fine for us. Simply select the tickets you want and click add to basket. for reference here is a picture of the seating arrangements.

Winter 2017 Photos

A massive thank you to TheWelshWoman for photographing the event, check out her amazing shots inside!

SkyNet T-Shirts available

After many requests to make the damn fine SkyNet threads available to all we have caved. Pre order yours now and collect at the LAN!

Summer 2017 Photos

Summer 2017 Prize list

Thanks once again to Overclockers UK for sponsoring the LAN

Don’t forget to sign up for the tournaments here to be in for a chance at walking away with some swag

Details of the prizes are as follows.

Quake 3 CS:GO Mystery Game
1st Place Gold Medal + £50 Steam Gift Card 5x Corsair RGB Mice 4x OCUK XL Gaming Surfaces
2nd Place Silver Medal + £20 Steam Gift Card 5x OCUK Premium  Gaming Surface 4x OCUK MEGA Mugs
3rd Place Bronze Medal + £10 Steam Gift Card 5x OCUK Mugs

Don’t ask we wont tell.

???? ????
1st Place GTX-1060
2nd Place £50
3rd Place £20
4th Place £10