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Winter 2017 Photos

A massive thank you to TheWelshWoman for photographing the event, check out her amazing shots inside!

SkyNet T-Shirts available

After many requests to make the damn fine SkyNet threads available to all we have caved. Pre order yours now and collect at the LAN!

Summer 2017 Photos

Summer 2017 Prize list

Thanks once again to Overclockers UK for sponsoring the LAN

Don’t forget to sign up for the tournaments here to be in for a chance at walking away with some swag

Details of the prizes are as follows.

Quake 3 CS:GO Mystery Game
1st Place Gold Medal + £50 Steam Gift Card 5x Corsair RGB Mice 4x OCUK XL Gaming Surfaces
2nd Place Silver Medal + £20 Steam Gift Card 5x OCUK Premium  Gaming Surface 4x OCUK MEGA Mugs
3rd Place Bronze Medal + £10 Steam Gift Card 5x OCUK Mugs

Don’t ask we wont tell.

???? ????
1st Place GTX-1060
2nd Place £50
3rd Place £20
4th Place £10


CS:GO Rules and Signup

Counterstrike GO Tourney Rules.

Signup here


Teams of 5 people maximum, 4 minimum.

If you want to play but don’t have a fixed team, and if there are at least 3 other players who want to play but are without a team, we should be able to arrange ad-hoc teams before the event or even on the day to let you play. If this is the case, the sooner you can inform us the better to cut down on delays.

Tornament Format

It is a Round-Robin format.

Teams are placed in groups ( the numbers of groups are dependent on team entries ) and in your group you will play each team once on the Saturday.

Winners and/or runners up of these groups on the Saturday ( dependant on number of teams entered and therefor groups ) will go through to semi-finals/finals held on the Sunday.

There will be two semi-finals on the Sunday morning, with the play-off for 3rd place followed by the final on Sunday lunchtime.


There will be a players briefing at 10am Saturday morning, and first group matches will start at 10.30am sharp, with an hours break for lunch at 1pm. Play resumes at 2pm. We are aiming to be finished with the group matches by 5pm.

On Sunday the two semi-finals will be starting at 10am sharp, 3rd/4th play-off at 11am and the Grand Final at Midday.

Groups, Maps and limits

Groups, maps to be played & match parameters ( start times of rounds, number of rounds to be played and round time limits ) for the CSGO tournament will be announced on Saturday morning at players briefing.

Group match points scoring will go on match wins first, round wins second, in case of a draw.

This means every single round, no matter how badly you are doing, is vitally important to try to win even if you are being beaten easily in the match itself. If for example you lost say 14-1 in an initial group round-robin match, that single round you won may help to put you through to the next round, if you do very well in your other matches and win them easily. It has happened before.



Other Rules

Each team needs to supply the Tournament Admin a nominated Captain for that team by start Saturday morning.  If you do not supply one, the Admins will choose one at random.

This Captain will be responsible for informing his team of any and all information by the Admin, gathering his team together 5 minutes in advance of the announced match start time, and will be the ONLY go-between between their team and the event Admin of the tourney. Any questions, problems or grievances will be dealt with by the Admins and the Team Captain in question, no-one else.

If a team does not have their full number of players ready in time for the match start, a 2 minute leeway will be given to allow them to be found. If after this time period they still don’t have their full team in place, the game will start and they have to play with as many players that are ready to go.

We have numerous tournaments to get through, so we are having to keep to a tight schedule.

If there are any suspicions of cheating in the tourney, an event Admin will be nominated to closely watch the player or players in question. If there is any evidence of cheating and/or at the Admin’s discretion, that team will be excluded from that match, losing all points, and possibly be excluded from the rest of the tournament. No cheating of any kind will be tolerated.

The Admins decisions or undertakings on any required changes on any tournament rule, format, schedule and every and any other matter concerning the tournament, is at our discretion and totally, utterly, final.

Signup here!



LAN dates change, 2nd to the 4th of June

We are sad to report the following news. Due to a double booking on the weekend of the LAN we have been left with no alternative but to move the event to the following weekend (June 2nd to 4th). It goes with out saying that this was our last option and we are extremely apologetic for the inconvenience especially to those of you that have already booked time off.

All tickets that have been purchased will be carried over to the new date and those that have already purchased will be contacted directly regarding the alteration of date.

We appreciate your ongoing support and hope that arraignments can be made to ensure you are all still able to attend.

The SkyNet Wales Admin Team

Winter 2016 LAN in review

So this year we kick off our winter lan with high expectations and a little too much hugging as the friends from all over the county meet each other in person in their bi yearly event. They were welcomed by Skynet’s wonderful and friendly welcome team Casio, Muffin and Cupcake (with +1) . Uppon getting their passes they received some much loved “free swag™” from our gracious sponsors of X-Gamer, Discord, Over-Clockers and calibre connections.

As they filtered into the venue they began the rush to get plugged back into the intertubes and make sure nothing has changed in the few hours or minutes it took to arrive in Brecon.

Friday night was very chilled as normal, people getting reacquainted with old friends, and some new once who it came for their first Lan experience! Woot for them.

A bit of a change for the pub quiz this time, as it was in the studio due to the comedy club being on in the gallery on Friday. It has been reported the comedian they referred to us as “Wired computing cult”. The quiz kicked off with the usual terrible questions and the amusing sound rounds from guess the actor to XP shutting down to Characters screaming in games.

For me the bad news was THE CAKE WAS A LIE. This was due to a mix up from the ordering and something went wrong. However not all was lost as we ran to aldi the next day and just stole (leagaly purchased) some mini cupcakes the next day!

After the quiz people rushed back to download the mystery games thus reveled, The Hidden Source and Soldat. I believe there was a lot of midnight and early practice for these games. I know a few of the admins were awake till 3am so I hope the practice helped everyone!

May he watch over you

Saturday started slowly as all the zombies and attendees woke up getting ready and hyped for the first day of Left for Dead Tournaments. In Skynet LAN tradition this started 2hours late but gave all the teams time to show up and have food or coffee/tea.

The matches were taken into groups of teams with the team names of: U Wot Mate, TEAMNAME, The Deplorables, Team Laser Explosion, Pinkeye, Plut Bugs, Scratch T1, Yolo Swaggins, Left 4 Skins, The briffsters, Merfa Mafia and lastly Shit licking Thunder Whippets.

The First rounds of The Hidden kicked off around 15:30, with three games kicking off at once. It became time to see who got the most out of their midnight frantic training sessions and who would be the first victim from the invisible man!


At the cutoff for Pizza we got our first glimpse of where the scores were at. For the first round of Left 4 Dead we had U WOT MATE winning their mate against The Deplorables. Team Laser Explosion wining against TEAMNAME. Pinkeye won to Scratch T1. Plut Bugs won against YOLO Swaggins, Left 4 Skin got a historic 700 points (due to bonus round not haxing) against Merfa Mafia and finaly The Briffsters beat Shit Likking Thunder Whipp.

The Hidden round one winners were on Server one in First- Schepke, second – Pokeylope and Third – Faf

Server two server: First – Damage, Second – KBC and Third – Chufu.

Server three: First – Phace, Second – Yarikh and Third – Meklon

Muffin: Pizza inspector


Now all the Pizza Orders in and some people seem to be napping at their computers getting ready for the QUAKE III tonight!!!!!! It has giving the staff 5mins off their feet (and pope his voice a break from loving and abusing through the mic) Our Sponsors from X-GAMER Matt and Daly a chance to walk around and ask for feedback on products and how they were enjoying their time. We have however converted Dale’s son it should be said and hope we will see him at future events!!

After the hunger was quashed people started to get their energy juices running with some of the fantastic choices from the SkyNet SnackBar. This meant it had to be time for QUAKE III!!! After playing some fast practice rounds the tournament started to see who would be victorious at this years events in what can probably  be called our most popular event of the weekend (oldies are golden) After much competing and bloodlust from everyone our winners were, in First Place: Gym! Second Place SlasherBeast and in Third place Yarikh! It was a good night of matches that got everyone pumping!.

After this eventful day it was a time to destress and relax and enjoy yourself, or catch on some much needed sleep ready for the Finals on Sunday.

So Sunday arrived and again in all SkyNet tradition was a little late, but not as bad as normal (that could be as the clocks went back!) So Around 1030 we started the Semi Finals of Left 4 Dead and the first team to massacre was Team Scratch #1 wining against Left 4 Skin. The second team was Team Laser Explosion against Shit Likking Thunder Whipp. The Victors of this one was Team Laser Explosion.

So our Finalist were Team Scratch One against the Team Laser Explosion!! So The Final was as bloody Thirsty as we expected with a lot of over coms shouting to grab the can or throw up on the enemy! The winners with only around 100 point different was Team Scratch one!!!

The Next final we had was The hidden played with  Schepke, MrPokeylope, Faf, Damage, KBC, Chef, Phace, Yarkie and Meklon!. After much sneaking around in the sewers after the invisible knife wielding maniac the First place winner was Damage with second place as Faf.

After a short break we return to Soldat, our second mystery game with the teams of DipDuck and (originally chosen ) Team Name. The game commenced with a lot of jumping and tactics that seems to involve rushing the other team and finished with DipDuck teams coming out on top!

This brings us to almost 14:00 and time for Prizes and Raffels! So after some rush admin jobs we got the winners on stage to hand out some cool goodies from OverClocks, from mouse mats to mice! The Left 4 Dead winning team got to run off with some shinny new Headsets as well to compliant their machines.

So this was our Winter SkyNet #4 Lan! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as the admins will tell you they did. We would also like to say a massive thank you to our Sponsors from OverClockers, Discord, Calibre and X-Gamer, and off course to our venue for all the work they do and them allowing us strange people to arrive on mass!

Hope to see you all next LAN – SNW Sheppy