Summer 2017 Prize list

Thanks once again to Overclockers UK for sponsoring the LAN

Don’t forget to sign up for the tournaments here to be in for a chance at walking away with some swag

Details of the prizes are as follows.

Quake 3 CS:GO Mystery Game
1st Place Gold Medal + £50 Steam Gift Card 5x Corsair RGB Mice 4x OCUK XL Gaming Surfaces
2nd Place Silver Medal + £20 Steam Gift Card 5x OCUK Premium  Gaming Surface 4x OCUK MEGA Mugs
3rd Place Bronze Medal + £10 Steam Gift Card 5x OCUK Mugs

Don’t ask we wont tell.

???? ????
1st Place GTX-1060
2nd Place £50
3rd Place £20
4th Place £10


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